About Moi

A. I have severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

B. I am afraid of:
2.Men shorter than me.
3.Men with red hair.
5.Any bodies of water other than pools.
6.Let us be honest here, pools too if it’s dark out.
7. Clavicles
9. Space
10. Rogue Waves

C. Should I be embarrassed about the following?
1. I like Neil Diamond… a lot.
2. I like the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”
3. I pick my nose daily.
4. Every Disney movie has made me cry.

D. I am named after a large-breasted woman that my dad thought was hot.

E. I was born out of wedlock and I was old enough to remember my parents’ wedding.

F. I practice paparazzi photo poses in the bathroom mirror.

G. I was born and then there was an earthquake. Odd only because I was born in Toledo, Ohio.