Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dog Rescue

Holstein is at the vets and is runing up a huge board bill and he is miserable. He is a big 80lb dog and the runs at the clinic are very small. He needs a very experienced rescue ASAP!

Holstein is an American Bulldog that was stolen from the pound. They recoved both Holstein and Jake the beagle. Jake has since gone to rescue with Beagle911 and has recovered beautifully and is so happy. Poor Holstein is falling through the cracks.

If a qualified rescue does not step up soon for him, we may have to make a decision that we DO NOT want to make:( (we feel sick even thinking about it) It's not fair to him to languish in a small kennel at the vets after everything he has been through.

Transporters can get this dog ANYWHERE.


wrestling kitties said...

Unfortunatly we do not have room in our condo for any dogs. And as we don't have a fenced in backyard and can not leave a dog outside for long periods of time it is not an ideal or fair situation for a dog.

It makes me sad because there have been a number of dogs recently that have needed homes. I also have noticed that it seems because of the economy people get rid of their pets. I am not judging anyones situation on whether it is right or wrong, I was just thinking that it seems like there are more and more dogs taken to the pound or that need homes because people can not afford to take care of them. It is sad for everyone.

the grumbles said...

what a cute cute face :(