Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Annabelle Updates - Weeks 13-16

Well it's been a rough week. Annabelle made it through chemo with flying colors but when we got home she got sick. After a few visits with her doctor she is finally feeling better and acting more like her wonderful self (praise God!)! Last week we also had her MRI and unfortunately it showed that Annabelle's tumor has had little to no reduction in size since her chemo began. This means that we are in for another 2 rounds of chemo then we will possibly be doing another MRI which may or may not be followed by surgery.In the week ahead we will have some time to just relax and enjoy! Hopefully her numbers will be up so she can be around all of her friends and at the end of the week we look forward to spending some much-needed family time together!Thank you all for your continued prayers and support, our hearts go out to all of you!Nikki, Jon and of course Miss Annabelle

Hello all! Well it has been a very busy week (as you can probably tell from the lack of updates-we're so sorry!).Annabelle had yet another scan this last week to make sure the cancer has not spread and to determine what portion of her tumor is still "alive" and how much of it is "dead". Unfortunately we don't have any results from this test yet but we have been told that we are to expect at least 4 more rounds of chemotherapy before the tumor can be removed surgically.We are going in for her 5th round of chemo this week and we are all hoping she stays as upbeat during this round as she has in the past! On a more positive note our little girl has been doing an AMAZING job in physical therapy! She is walking like a normal 18 month old and everyone has been quite impressed with her progress (she's such a fighter!!!).You really have no idea how much your thoughts and prayers mean to us! Thank you all so much!Jon, Nikki and Miss Annabelle

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