Friday, June 5, 2009

Can you imagine if it were someone else?

After my crushing nose injury doled out by Athena Bee, it got me thinking about what it would be like if it was anyone else in the world doing these things to me, my home, and even my dogs.

Just picture an adult doing any of these things:

She strolls into the room and proceeds to knock over my paperwork, kicks my laptop, and steals my beverage.

While I try to do dishes she will pull my pants down and tantrum on my feet until she has my full attention.

She likes to play "Smear the Queer" with the dogs, even if the don't want to.

She screams for help in public making me look like some random Arab trying to steal this poor little white baby.

She slams doors CONSTANTLY.

She lays down in the middle of crossing the street making me drag her in front of motorists.

She dumps the dogs food into their water making them eat slop.

She hogs the entire bed and punches and kicks if I try to keep myself from falling out.

Did I mention she crushed my nose with her head?

And you know what? I love her more than anything in the universe.


Christina Thomas said...

Isn't that the complete truth!! Aubrey 'clapped' my ears so hard that I couldn't hear and I thought she broke my ear drum...

She has dropped my laptop and broke my mouse and jump drive...

But you gotta love them!

wrestling kitties said...

HAHA, that picture is awesome!!

That darling little girl, there is NO WAY she could do all that stuff ;)

I don't know if I should laugh or call child see how they can help YOU!

Dri said...

LOL! Very true!

TLC said...

and yet, that's why we love them so much! :)

Adrianne P. said...

This gave me a good laugh...and made me think back to the pic on The Bee's blog of her big smile while wearing the wig. :D

SassyTimes said...

Found your blog through Quiet Oasis....

Sounds like the terrible 2s? Although, mine is 10 months and already does about half of those things...does that mean I'm really in for it? ;)

I love the picture!

Iris Took said...

She sounds like Drop Dead Fred.

Have you seen that movie?

Adrianne P. said...

Ha ha! Read an article today that reminded me of this post...

Anonymous said...

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