Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vaccines and Disease - Thoughts Please

It's well known that I'm leery of over-vaccinating the Bee, and it's also known that I'm absolutely terrified of germs and illness. (It's super fun to be me.) So I've been obsessively reading about the mortal dangers posed to your child by H1N1 strain of flu, and the mortal danger you're putting your child in if you vaccinate them against it. (Sigh.)

So which paralyzing fear do I let rule? The fear of her dying from swine flu, or the fear of her dying or having serious side effects from a vaccine? What are you planning to do this year?

Please give me your thoughts everyone.


TLC said...

i've already had both girls vaccinated against the 'regular' flu, and olivia's school is going to have a 'swine flu/H1N1' vaccine clinic where she can get that vaccine for free. i'm all over it.

and if the peds office gets the H1N1 vaccine, emma will get one too.

emma and liv have been getting the regular flu vaccine since they were babies and never had any issues with it (aside from a low grade fever this year for olivia).

TravelDiva said...

Tough. I'm pregnant--due in November. And I know the swine flu vaccine is recommended for pregnant women, but I'm concerned about long term effects. What if there are some side effects to the baby that they don't know about because they rushed to get the vaccine. At the same time--every time someone sneezes I'm ready to spray Lysol in their face. So I'm going to have to have a long talk with my doctor because I am really torn.

Quiet Oasis said...

I think the risk of not vaccinating against certain things (I'm just talking about all vaccines kids are "supposed" to get) is greater than avoiding the vaccine b/c of fear of side effects. I'd rather keep my own child alive and vaccinate (since they can die from certain diseases).

I read months ago that the person who did the study on vaccinations causing Autism had false results (for one reason or another) and there actually has not been a significant link found b/t vaccines and autism.

I also know certain deadly diseases that have been "extinct" for years and years are now returning b/c people aren't vaccinating their kids. And that's pretty scary.

But that's all I know about to say about it. I say, do what you think to be right for your own family.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I've never vaccinated myself against the flu. I was never really, "eligible" to do so in the States. (You had to be uber-young, uber-old or uber-preggers.)

Obviously, since I live in Mexico - I'm somewhat concerned about this whole H1N1 "pandemic" - however, my baby (3 months old) is too young to receive the vaccine. And I'm nursing and the idea of getting the vaccine and nursing her... well, it alarms me.

Here's why: NEW VACCINATIONS scare me. Yes, newly-created and newly-engineered vaccinations that are rush, rush, rushed in to the marketplace in order to "protect" us TERRIFY me. Let's be honest, the reaction to the H1N1 flu has been a bit.. how shall we say, alarmist. Is this vaccine truly necessary for the ongoing of personkind?

That said - no. I won't be getting a traditional flu shot OR an H1N1 vaccine... as of yet. (Besides, they're not available here.)

I'm choosing to keep my baby inside and out of the public as much as possible. And get this: we WASH OUR HANDS ALL THE TIME! (gasp!)

Thankfully, while I do live in country where H1N1 allegedly began... very rarely do I get sick here in the land of the sun. In Ohio, I'd get sick at least 3 times each winter. Here, we don't have winter.

I don't know... it's just different.

So bottomline: NO on the vaccines as of this minute.

P.S. I'm a believer in the vaccines for older/immunity-challenged folks. I told my Mom she needs to get them.


NOTE: I do favor vaccinating my child. It's imperative that my chid is vaccinated to a.) protect her and b.) protect those children around her who are unable to be vaccinated because they have childhood maladies such as cancer or other immunity-deficient diseases. If we all didn't vaccinate, the world would be ONE BIG cesspool.

(How do you like that for melodramatic?)

Jill Marie said...

I have never vaccinated my children or myself against the flu. I on the other hand have followed the vaccination schedule for all others. My fear is that with all these parents not vaccinating that we will soon have some sort if epidemic with another disease such as Measle, Mumps or Rhubella. (which is the rummerd to be linked to autism) I am very leary about flu vaccinations, BUT for the safty of my children am highly considering getting the H1N1. Being in school puts my kids at such a higher risk. Especially the fact that their school is one that has such a range of age. (k thru 12). Way more chances of germ spread with older kids due to the fact that the teacher doesn't watch them to make sure they wash their hand after using the restroom.
All in all it is a personal choice that you must make for your own family.

AthenaBee said...

I think I want us to get the regular flu shots for the first time.

I'm with Ky. What has me so worried about the H1N1 vaccine is the fact that it's brand-spankin new and they're fast tracking it through trials.

Blarg. This tough of a choice makes me feel dizzy.

Sarah said...

Just so you know, the "regular" flu kills approximately 36,000 people annually! (that's crazy to me, but true according to the CDC)

So far, in the 6 months that the swine flu has been identified, it's killed less than 600.

Those statistics lead me to make the decision against the H1N1 vac.

Metacognitive Musings said...

Agh...I'm having to decide on what to do with this as well. If I weren't prego, I wouldn't get either. But my doctor told me today she really wants me to get both. I REALLY don't like that it has been rushed, but doc doesnt' seem to be concerned about it.

Stupid flu.

AthenaBee said...

I read something from a doctor today that said technically ALL flu vaccines are new vaccines every year, so that shouldn't be what concerns you about the H1N1. They're all basically made the same way with different strains.