Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Purchase - Jessica Simpson HairDo Bangs

I heart them. I really do. They VERY securely clip in and give a very natural hairline.
Athena said that I look scary, but I disagree.

Check the color.
Um, pretty spot on considering I bought this online.
There are so many to choose from I would venture to
guess they have one for almost everyone.
I'd give them an A.


AthenaBee said...

P.S. Can you tell how Victoria Beckham style gaunt I've gotten from all this barfing? My dark circles and coloring are that of a Cullen.

Written Permission said...

Um, those are super cute. :)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Holy crap, the bangs totally match the back of your hair. Cute.

Sarah said...

I'm really kinda liking those! Might have to find some for myself!

AthenaBee said...

You can get them on What CAN'T you get on Amazon??

wrestling kitties said...

CUTE! Um, I heart Amazon. I look for any excuse to buy stuff from Amazon....and it looks like I just found a reason!

Anonymous said...