Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think a "Ta-ta for now" is in order for the blog

I'm not posting anything good and I only share about 2% of my stuff.
Wanna know what happened to my book? All of a sudden I FREAKED that someone might actually read it.
Wanna know what happened to the second book that formed in my head? I freaked that someone might read it and see that I'm not that great of a person.
And the big "Closure" to-do? I keep everything so damn close to my chest that the only person that is aware of anything is the other party.
My pregnancy? I don't really talk about it much still. I give one word answers, because after 4 months I'm still in shock.
So, if I ever do get around to writing, publishing, and God forbid, other people read it, it shall make for a great "About the Author" section. "Damn, that chick is weird, but she's got a lot to say. Hopefully by then I'll be long gone.
If you REALLY miss me you can find me here.


TLC said...


i'll miss your posts.

Written Permission said...

Me too. :(

the grumbles said...

thumbs down. but i get it. you better not disappear from twitter too!

Iris Took said...

Will you still be lurking around? I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to get back on twitter because of you. Damn it!

wrestling kitties said...

I understand, but know you will be missed :( I hope you are not gone too long!

(That monkey freaked me out! I feel like his bloodshot monkey eyes are looking deep into my soul)

AthenaBee said...

Maybe I'd feel better if I revamped over here or something. I don't know. I feel like I never talk about anything of substance.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

This makes me sad. I know you have SO much to say and I enjoy hearing your perspective. I hugely disagree with your feeling like you never have anything of substance to talk about. (I mean, really - do any of us have anything of substance to blog about?)

Crap. Am I going to have to start reading twitter? UGH.

Come back. I implore you.