Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My frontal lobes must be bored A LOT

Scientists Figure out the Cause of Brain Farts (Do you suppose that their formal title?)
"A “brain fart” is a term for an inexplicably stupid error in a straightforward task made by someone with abundant skill and experience. Everyone is prone to them. Neuroscientists call these episodes “maladaptive brain activity changes.”
The latest research seems to indicate that brain farts are a unique type of cognitive mistake. They have a predictable neural pattern that emerges up to 30 seconds before they happen. "
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SassyTimes said...

My brain has been one giant fart since becoming pregnant while chasing around a toddler all day.

I'm afraid to research if my "maladaptive brain activity" will return to normal after the baby comes....I'm thinking not.

wrestling kitties said...

um, what do you call a brain fart that lasts all day? Brain diarrhea? Becuase I think I have been suffering from that for years....damn brain laxatives.