Friday, February 26, 2010

Well I found MY summer shoes

Neither Athena or I like wearing shoes. In the summer we almost totally eschew them. Perhaps these are the answer.

The manufacturers of Five Fingers shoes claim their footwear "connects you to the Earth and your surroundings in a way that is simply not possible in conventional shoes."

Retail price: $80

The only concern is my OCD. You see, I can't even wear gloves because I can't do my OCD finger motions and I feel like I'm going to FREAK. I have to wear mittens. Maybe these would make my toes feel all claustrophobic and whatnot.

Or maybe I shouldn't wear them purely because they're ugly and I'd look like a mutant.


Mr. theGrumbles said...

Oh how I hate the vibram five fingers, to me they are crocs with toes and I can think of nothing worse. That being said, I have a friend who swears by them, he has 3 pairs and runs marathons and hikes mountains in them so there you go.

Iris Took said...

What if my pinky toe is a stub of a triangle? Those would never work for me.

Written Permission said...

I think they're kind of cute. But I'm with you -- I can't stand socks with toes, I'd prefer never to wear shoes EVER, and I think these would make me insane. Just the thought of something between my toes makes me kind of jumpy.

Plus I also have the mutant baby toe, which wouldn't fit in the baby toe slot, leaving a weird flapping toe sleeve. Ew.

B. said...

Oh I totally want those. I found out about them when reading how running barefoot might actually be better for your legs, I have been obsessed with them ever since then.

Written Permission said...

Also, Flapping Toe Sleeve is totally the name of my next band.

Amber said...

W.P., consider my husband B. and I groupies. He just IM'd me to tell me to check out your band name, calling it 'heeeelarious'!


wrestling kitties said...

Oh my goodness, I would never wear those. I hate things between my toes and those are just NUTS.

Is it bad that they actually gross me out a bit?

I do love that you found these, AWESOME.

freckleface said...

I totally saw a dude wearing these at the park. I did a double take...and gave him "the look"