Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome, March!

With you, you bring us Spring. I couldn't be more grateful to you.

So to celebrate your arrival I shall be getting a pedicure and buying my new flippy floppies for the year.

I'm awaiting buds, birds chirping, and my mom's garden semi-patiently.


the grumbles said...

i can't wait for FLIPPY FLOPPIES!!!!!

i know we both share a hatred for shoes.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I wear flip flops every day.
I wear flip flops every day.
I wear flip flops every day.

(That's when you say, "Oh yeah, well you have no access to Target, U.S. medications, Wendy's frostys or a population that understands and respects personal space.")


I feel for you, Ohioans. I really do.

(Thanks for your chat yesterday. Love you.)

wrestling kitties said...

First I can not believe it is March already, however I am pumped spring is on its way!! I don't like summer, but Spring is pretty darn great!!

The birds were singing outside of our office yesterday, it was lovely.