Monday, November 22, 2010

Finding the Happy - Doggies and Babies

I adore the way my dogs have changed since the childrens have joined our lives. ODB has always had anxiety issues. He has spent much of his life as a very unhappy puppy because of it. Since the ladies have arrived, he feels like he has a mission. He is especially attached to Zofia. He is ALWAYS there. When she wakes up, he is the first responder. When it's bed time, he stays at her side until she is asleep. When she cries, he looks at me and says "Hey! Lady! The tiny loud one is upset!" (He may not say it, but it's implied.)He makes me love him so.

Zoe has been Athena's best friend. She takes the wrestling, body painting, and riding like a champ. They have provided an endless amount of entertainment for me, as well as starred in some great videos to share with others.

Here's an old-skool Zoe and Athena video:

I can't imagine life without kids and dogs. The combination makes me very, very happy. :)


Written Permission said...

Ohh, my heart. I love dogs and kids. :)

Can't wait to get home so I can actually watch all these videos!

Sassytimes said...

Awe, I want a doggie.

wrestling kitties said...

so cute! I love how Athena is opening her mouth for more doggie smooches!! adorable.

Dogs and kids are the sweetest together!

Kat said...

Hahaha cute!

I came across your blog on Hobo Mama's WW post it weird that we both have boston terriers? I have 2 and 2 kiddos and yes I agree I can't imagine my life without them all!

Anonymous said...

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