Sunday, November 7, 2010

My New Jam

When it comes to music I'm not what you would call "current" or "hip" unless it's 1965 and you're into Motown or you're a smelly hippie. (My parents think I'm far out, man.)

Anyway, my daughter LOVES pop music so I put on MTV Hits (because neither MTV or MTV2 play music anymore WTF?? Where have I been?) and watch her cut a rug. To keep up with her I've been trying to broaden my horizons and find some new music.

And a new jam I have found.
I introduce to you my new favorite song. (FYI it's got the F-word in it A LOT so don't be playin it at work now. Athena gets to hear the "Forget You" version, by the way.)

1 comment:

Written Permission said...

I like this song, too! But it disappoints me to hear the "Forget You" or simply "F You" versions on my satellite radio. What good are no-FCC-regulations if you can't let the F-bomb fly sometimes? Censorship, man. (But it's good for the little ones.)