Friday, December 17, 2010

Lazy cooks need meal suggestions too.

Or as I prefer to call myself: "Frickin busy with kids and boogers, dude!"

With the childrens being childrens, the sickness, the lack of sleep, and the baby shots, I haven't had the time/energy/desire to make a decent meal... let alone write a decent blog post.

Let me tell you something, Annie's Creamy Tuna Spirals makes such a good, easy, and much healthier casserole, you'd never know you just threw that baby in a dish and into the microwave.

I'd totally recommend it even if you aren't a frazzled mom. Stuffs is good.

Now please join me in prayer as we BEG FOR THIS SICKNESS TO VACATE THE PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

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wrestling kitties said...

mmmmm, sounds tasty! I love me some easy meals.