Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Makeup Artist Tip

I think I may be in denial about how old I look. When I'm at the store purchasing a bottle of wine and I don't get carded, I think "Wow. You're just going to let this incredibly underage looking person pass on through?? It's your ass, lady."

Then a few things snapped me back into reality:
 Louis informed me that I needed a time machine in order to look like my business card picture again. (Jerk)
A bagger at Kroger called me ma'am.(Jerk)
I discovered I'm 13 years older than my adult cousin's girlfriend. (How is that possible when I'm only 21?)
I was talking to someone who was too young to know who Bell Biv Devoe was.
 "You know, BBD? Poison?"
 "You never trust a big butt and a smile?"
 "Smack it up flip it rub it down OH NOOOOOOOs?"
Now you just sound gross.

Anyway, I digress. One of the first things to happen to skin as it ages is a loss of radiance. That dewy, rosy, youthful look you had at 20? Yeah, not so much at 30.

Enter radiance powder.

I bought Mark. Glowdacious Illuminating Powder for $12.
I brushed it on my face, neck, and chest and it gave me a healthy, glowy, youthful look. It's not a deep bronze, so I didn't have this weird unnatural tan in February. It just made me look healthy.

The only thing I didn't like was the brush it came with. It put it on a little heavy and streaky, so I used a kabuki brush instead.

I'd highly recommend it, especially in these drab winter months.


Anonymous said...

I have this experience regularly since I work at a Jr High. Coworkers and I are constantly making jokes and references the kids are too young to get. (But sometimes they are familar with the remake--even sadder.)

Biscuit said...

you had me at BBD....hahahahaha. shew, i needed that today.

Nadja said...

Are you ready to get jealous? I saw BBD and New Edition in concert. It.was.awesome.

Sassytimes said...

Interesting! Thanks for the tip. I'd love more of these....30 isn't looking too great on me. ;)

I laughed out loud at the BBD convo. Hilarious.

the grumbles said...

the next generation terrifies me.

Iris Took said...


When people call me ma'am, I just want to lose my shit too.

belles♥mom said...

Um, I will be needing to buy that powder pronto! I had someone offer to take my groceries out to my car for me {shitty, shitty day}, which made me wonder do I look pregnant or just really freaking old? Damn those little high school Kroger jerks!
And BBD, freaking A-Mazing, still have their tape (even though I don't think we own a cassette player) hahaha