Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Sharing - Sophie the Giraffe & Friends

Oi. Teething babies. It.Is.Rough. As Zofia's big ol' beaver teeth have been ripping through her gums, she has been one sad baby. They've bled, she cries, and she hasn't slept for longer than an hour and a half at a time in a week. Her beloved Sophie the Giraffe has been nommed like there's no tomorrow. I never thought there could be another teether that Zofia could like more than Sophie...

Until now. Enter Chan, Sophie's mushroom friend.

OH MUH GAH she loves him! She bites it, she gnaws it, she sucks on it... in fact, she does all of the things to him that she was doing to her poor mommy's bewbs. Is that why his head looks strikingly like a nipple? If so, GENIUS, if not, AWESOME coincidence. I could not possibly recommend this teether any more.
One of my favorite sites, Mom's Milk Boutique, carries the Vulli line of Sophie and friends and they have very generously offered a coupon code just for you! So head on over, check out Sophie and Friends and enter Coupon Code: 10Sophie for 10% off your purchase.
Come back and tell me what your baby thinks of it. I'd love to know!