Thursday, May 26, 2011

Curvy Girls in Swimsuits

Are you a reader of The Curvy Girl Guide? You should be. Their Project Real - Swimsuit Confidence has been amazing. They are joining forces with Lands' End for National Swimsuit Confidence week and they're making it their mission to get all the shy, self-conscious, and embarrassed women back into the pool. Every single one of those incredible ladies put their swimsuits where their mouths, er, curves are and aren't afraid to lose the cover ups, toss the t shirts and flaunt their assets. They were even on Good Morning America this morning showing off those bodacious bods.

They want to encourage ALL women to have confidence this year. Go on and gitcha'self over to the Guide and look all all the lovely ladies in their suits. (They also show you just where you can get yourself a Lands' End suit of your own.)

In an attempt at Curvy Girl Solidarity, I took a photo of myself in my new swimsuit. .
I'm feeling just fine