Friday, July 22, 2011

Eclusively Pumping Breastmilk - What's your best tip?

A childhood friend and neighbor of mine just had a wee babe the other day. He's lovely, tiny, and oh that new baby smell... I just want to huff his head right now. She has decided to exclusively pump for him and WIC has wonderfully outfitted her with an electric Medela pump.

This is her second go at the breastfeeding thing. After a preterm birth, anxiety, no support, first time single-motherhood, and desperation, she ended up scrapping breastfeeding with her 1st son and went to formula. She really wants to try again and succeed. This time around she has more knowledge, a 24 hour texting hotline with me for any questions, and an incredibly involved fiancee. I so want to see her succeed, so I'm hoping all you blogger/twitter/facebook friends will leave me a comment with your most helpful tip or advice so I can pass it on to her. It can take a village to breastfeed one baby sometimes and you guys are my village. Let's help a pumping sister out!