Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloggin' is hard out there for a mom.

Not only have I been battling some mega writer's block and having a blogger's identity crisis for about a year, these dern kids make it impossible to take my eyes off them for 5 friggin' seconds.

While Athena just does stuff to get messy (i.e. getting into my makeup, finding hidden paints, trying on every item of clothing in her dresser) Zofia is continuously doing things to break a bone, knock herself out, and otherwise mame herself. Fifi's a mad climber, dude.

She has discovered that if she drags my file box over to the counter, she can reach the knife drawer and pull scalding food off onto herself.

If she pulls Athena's desk chair over to the TV she can get her first electric pokes, fall on her head, and order movies off the cable box.

She has also decided that she can only watch TV while standing on the coffee table. This is also a good place to dance. It was so awesome when I caught her getting ready to mimic Athena and jump from table to couch. :-/

My dad says I need twirly eyes on the top of my head like a chameleon. That ain't no bull. I fear I will never shower or poo with the door closed ever again.