Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decorate my house for me. I need you.

Since I can't invite all of you over to help me in person, we're just going to have to make do with pictures on teh internets. You see, I totally trust the opinions of the people that live in my pocket.

Here's the sitch: I have a small house. I'm all about modest living and I LOVE watching HGTV where they decorate small spaces in big cities. I have a small galley eat-in kitchen and a very large front room. I want to make the kitchen more of an island kitchen and the big front room a living/dining combo. I thought I was on the right track but my husband said I'm going to make it look like a hotel room. Now I'm doubting my creativity. #SadTrombone

Here's the kitchen. I'm going to resurface all the cabinets (white) and I'm going to paint that old library table white a put a piece of stainless steel on top of it, or something like that.

These are the rooms from Pinterest that have been my inspiration:

(This is one room.)
Source: hgtv.com via Nadja on Pinterest

Source: hgtv.com via Nadja on Pinterest

I want to do it in my house with these items:

Source: google.com via Nadja on Pinterest
(This couch is half the size of the one that's in there now. It would cut off just in front of where Athena is standing.)

It's kind of hard to tell from this picture, but there will be a ton of empty space.

Then this small table:
Source: google.com via Nadja on Pinterest


Adrianne said...

Would the sectional fit under the window? That would give you even more room. Also, do you have an IKEA close enough to go to?? They have excellent small space furniture for inexpensive. Their spring catalog has tons of kitchen and dining ideas that are worth checking out.

Nadja said...

It would totally fit under the window. Half of the big room would be empty.

Wendy said...

OK here's my advice. I'm no expert, so take it or leave it! :)

1. Have you purchased that brown couch? The reason I ask is that brown would pick up every single little piece and fleck of crumbs or dirt. With little kiddies that might be a problem. Does it come in a lighter color?

2. As far as the table sitch, here's what I suggest: make that part of the room have emphasis. I like how in one of your pins'pirations there is a lamp over the table. I'd do that. Also, put a rug under the table. That would the eating area it's own little area. You could also put dominate wall art by the table. So it would look seperate but not be seperate.

3. Can that table in your kitchen fit beside the counter? There appears to be space there but I don't know if it's big enough? If so, you could then just extend the counter and have space for stuff under the table - like baskets and such?


4. Can the things that are on that table in the kitchen go anywhere else in the kitchen? If so you could move the table to your front room and have a small round table in that corner where the rectangle table now sits.

Those are my ideas ...

1001 Petals said...

It's hard for me to comment because I can't really see the layout, though overall I do think opening up a space with just an island separating the kitchen from the dining/living room space is awesome, very modern, and functional. It's also great to be able to see the kids while you cook dinner.

I wouldn't recommend stainless steel for the top of a table cause it can ding very easily and then look bad. . the best for small children imo is wood without any sharp corners. The small table you have there at the end is great. .I don't think you need two sets of tables and chairs if you go for that round table. Stools at the island are also a great idea. The sofa looks fine to me, anything but white is great around kids in my experience.

Sassytimes said...

Can you use the table you already have to save money? I'm a frugal person too. ;)

Also, stainless is horrible with kids. It will always look dirty.

I agree on dark furniture showing everything...especially dog hair (don't you have a dog?).

I like the idea of bar stools at the counter if possible. My girls love to sit there while I cook dinner.

Your house looks similar to my moms (she lives in the Point too, by the fire station). She has a table in the front room too since it's so big...and another table in the kitchen for storage/counter space, since that is lacking in her kitchen. It works well, especially when broken up by rugs.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

What up.

It's not going to look like a hotel room. You have kids. Your house will never be as neat as hotel room. Nice try, Lou-dog.

My suggestions:

White cabinets get DIRTY fast. If it were me, I'd absolutely make them white - but I'd distress them. That way when they get nicked up from a kid dragging a stool next to them, it'll look like it's supposed to be that way.

I'd distress that old library table, too. But I'd do something fun with the legs. Make 'em a color. I just saw a white table on pinterset, with white chairs and the chairs had green legs. PERFECT pop of color.

Are you painting the walls in the kitchen?

I'm with Sassytimes - DO NOT do stainless steel on that table. My suggestion: distress, distress, distress.

Brown couch is going to show EVERYTHING. Get a lighter color. For sure. I hear khaki-colored microsude is REALLY easy to care for. Al and Jon have a couch from Value City furniture that I LOVE. Gone there?

I'd get a ROUND (tough to find) area rug and put it in front of/near the window by the kitchen door and put your round table with four chairs there.

(Couch under the window where it is now.)

You keeping the coffee table?

Mickey D. said...

You're pinspirations are right on track. I would definitely go with a round table for the dining room combo. They are easier to walk around and take up less visual space. And I concur with the rug.

How do you feel about slip covers? Unless you NEED a new couch, a slip cover could be a less expensive route to go. You could get a brown, live with it for a while and see how it works for you. They make some great ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond that don't just look like large blankets. An option.

Love painting and distressing. That would look cool on that table. I like the idea of removing the microwave and putting chairs around it and using it as an island/bar.

I'll tell you what, painting any room will transform it, so that could also be an option if you're looking to mix things up a bit.

Your wood floor looks gorgeous, BTW!