Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brocus Easter 2012 Eggstravaganza!!!

Since Athena was 21 months old, Easter has been her favorite holiday. Who can blame her? Seeing the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, and..


And family!!

And Easter eggs!!

Zofia made Spongebob ones.

Athena painstakingly hand-painted all hers:

All fresh from their Gammie's chickens.

Good times were had by all!

Happy Easter, friends. Enjoy your day.


the corbett kid. said...

perfectly sweet day.

Wendy said...

I pretty much love everything about this. The girls' outfits are adorable! A's intent painting face is awesome. That last pic of Z makes me giggle. For being sickies, they sure look HAPPY! :)

Nadja said...

Zofia rolled around wreckin' stuff yelling "CHEEZE!!!!!!!!!!" Athena takes Easter so serious, Fifi does not.

Ky • said...

What great photos! I can't believe how much Athena is changing. She looks more like you - but she is such a little GIRL. Wow.

That last picture of Fifi nearly made me spit out my sandwich. A delightful surprise. Loved it.