Monday, June 4, 2012

Athena Beana Ballerina, how does your garden grow?

With hot peppers for her dad, big tomatoes for lamb burgers and fancy egg tomatoes for fun!

Athena is a gardener just like her gammy. She's been planting and picking since she was so wee.

She's starting her own little sunflower seedlings.

Tending to her dad's hot peppers is a labor of absolute love.

This big fella is her pride and joy right now.

These are our Thai pink egg tomatoes.
When they're ripe they'll be bright pink and egg shaped, hence the name.
I've never been any good at taking care of plants but I'm desperately trying to learn so I can do this with Athena. Good thing one of us can keep the container garden going.


Ky • said...

What a sweetie pie that little lady is. She looks so proud!

I can't wait to see the egg tomatoes!

Nadja Brocus said...

She's SO proud. She got to pick the first pepper for Louis yesterday and she almost passed out from the excitement of giving it to him.

Spy said...

Athena gets her gardening skills and enthusiasm from her great-great Grandma, Mother Archer. I love it.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Can you send her to my house, I kill EVERY plant we have!!

Way to go Athena, can't wait to see all your goodies that you get from your garden!