Sunday, June 10, 2012

Avon Skin So Soft - The Bug Exterminator

Ever since I've had the ladies I've been a bit iffy on chemicals around the house. I use soapy water to help my plants and vinegar to wash surfaces. And you're dern tootin' I'm not going to douse them or the house in Raid to keep the bugs away.

Wanna know what rules?

Avon Skin So Soft.

The Legend.

It repels ticks and mosquitoes, removes makeup and ring-around-the collar, and repels fleas on dogs. I'm finding so many tips for using Skin So Soft I can't even list them all. Someone lovingly listed 104 uses for Skin So Soft, so I'll just link to that here.

Avon shipping is only .99 right now so go on and gitchee some!!


Sassytimes said...

You are right, this stuff is amazing! It's the only thing we used as kids.

Wendy said...

Wahoo just bought some! The mosquitos LOVE ME something fierce but now I will be armed with SSS!

the corbett kid. said...

love skin so soft. i grew up using it as a bug repellent too.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Seriously?! It repels ticks and mosquitoes? I didn't know that.

I need this for Henry.

This weekend we were at a memorial outside and I let Henry play on the ground. Shortly after we picked him we found a tick walking on Terry. Thanks GOD it wasn't on Henry as he was the one playing in the grass.

I have been scared to let him sit in the grass all week because of that. I am getting this stuff this weekend from you! (don't let me forget!!)