Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Backyard Chicken Farming Starring: Athena

My mom started backyard chicken farming when Athena was a baby. Athena began gently handling eggs and baby chicks as a teeny tiny toddler so she's no stranger to the poultry class. Going to her Gammy's house is one of the most exciting things she gets to do. This evening we were showing houses in Gammy's neighborhood, and even though I said we weren't there to play, Athena played.

This is my favorite chicken. She's just so chickeny.

This is Athena and Shaq. They harvested tomatoes for Dad.

Athena and her Gampy getting sunflower seeds.

That's one enormous spaghetti squash.

This is Tina. I like her hair.

After looking for eggs, harvesting vegetables, and checking out bunnies, Athena very forlornly got into the car to leave. The memories that my kids will have of their grandparents' house makes me so happy my chest hurts. This is livin'.

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