Monday, August 6, 2012

My Perfect Soda Pop Cupcake Secret

The perfect soda pop cupcake has been a beautiful unicorn that I've been chasing through my kitchen. These little babies are a delicious, low-calorie take on the world famous Weight Watchers Soda Pop Cake and I was determined to make them mine. Every time I made these sweet lovelies the sides and bottom burned and they were much too sticky. BLAST! What am I doing wrong?? After much research and trial and error I have come out victorious.

Athena's Strawberry Crush Soda Cupcakes
1 box cake mix
1 12 oz bottle Strawberry Crush Soda (But seriously, change it up. use whatever flavor you're feeling.)
3 egg whites

Combine all ingredients and put them in your cupcake pan lined with papers, following the baking instructions on the box. Now here's the secret: Place your muffin tins ON TOP OF baking sheets for an extra layer of protection during baking. The result? Perfect, non-sticky cuppycakes every single time.

I topped them with a lovely pudding mix frosting I found on Pinterest (follow me) and a single perfect strawberry. These were the bells of Athena's ball.

Enjoy :)


Wrestling Kitties said...

Dude, this sounds amazing! I think I am going to try this for Henry and I...ok, and Terry.

I wonder how lime pop would taste?! I bet tasty.

Nadja Brocus said...

I made key lime. UNreal. So good.

Wrestling Kitties said...

With a cream cheese frosting.....die!