Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1000 and stuck

Every week I pull up my Blogger dashboard and prepare to write. I stare at the empty post and think. And think. And think. Like Whinnie the Pooh, I think, think, think. I try to remember what it was like when I wrote stories about my days with the ladies. I try to remember how I put them together, thinking that the blogger friends I had made would enjoy this glimpse into our house. Why am I so quiet now? Why have I become so  insecure wondering "Does anyone really care that Zofia painted the dog's butthole shut today?" I mean I think it's funny but does anyone else? Well, I know Anne does but her sense of humor is as questionable as mine...

So here I am writing my 1,000 post and I'm still stuck. I need to realize that these 1,000 posts are documenting the sweetest time of my life with my children and I'm going to treasure this when I'm old. Not everything that I write has to be featured on BlogHer. I love my ad revenue, but that's not why I'm here. I'm Nadja the Mama and Athena Bee's has been my story since the day Athena pooped in her Bumbo seat and the dogs dismembered a rabbit.

Let's keep trying, brain. Don't give up yet.

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April Brown said...

I thoroughly enjoy everything you write. Please don't stop sharing, it helps me feel more "normal" to know other mama's have daily lives that could supply infinite material for sitcom producers. You write wonderfully and I can always use the giggle when you blog the humor of life.