Thursday, April 4, 2013

If I write a sponsored tweet...

I hope you will forgive me. I know these personal blogs are meant to be safe places to write, create, and connect, not to sell you something. Mine has been an outlet I never would have dreamed. I've been able to document every moment of a new life starting with my ladies. It'll be amazing to show them everything some day.

Speaking of outlets...

BlogHer has been an INCREDIBLE platform to jump beyond myself. They gave me a voice so much louder than I could have created for myself when talking about sexual abuse and mental disorders. I think a lot of that site and those fine women behind the scenes. Anything I can do to help their brand I will.

Everything that I share will be things that I like and/or believe in, so I promise I'm not a TOTAL sell out. Plus, I'm a WAHM who needs a little help sometimes. SO I hope you guys understand and check out some of the things I share.

Thanks bunches, my lovelies :)

Here's a kitten gif: