Saturday, March 22, 2014

We're Back

It suddenly dawned on me how much information and record keeping of my children that I've kept on here. I revert back to this site like a baby book. I haven't chronicled things in AGES. Whole years of barely keeping record. Poor Zofia! I'm not going to have the reference book for her that I do for Athena!

Well this stops NOW. Spring is springing and it's time for us to start living life in the world again. Today, Louis is at work... AHgain... and Athena is at a playdate. It's just me and Z like usual, sitting on the couch hugging, snacking, and watching a Barbie movie. Let's have our first post be all about her :)

Zofia's 3.5 Year Questionnaire

1. What does mommy call you? Lover, Chicken, Chickybooms.
2. How old are you? Almost 4. (You're still 3.) Whatever, I'm 3.
3. What is your favorite color? (Looks at Skittles) Purple
4. What is your favorite animal? Kitties
5. What is your favorite show? Breadwinners
6. What is your favorite movie? Barbie Princess and the Popstar
7. Who is your best friend? Athena
8. Where is your favorite place to go? The store.
9. What is your favorite restaurant? Applebee's
10. What is your favorite toy? Her stuffed kitties.

Her favorite thing to do? Well, it's still this:


petergabrielfan said...

I loved reading all about what Zofia likes. She's adorable and fun and I loved that you captured all of this to remember later. It goes by way too fast!

k said...

I am glad that you are back.

Iris Took said...

Nice to "See" you again! Keep the posts coming.