Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm prepared for the backlash...

I purchased one of these today.
"A fun animal backpack with a "tail" for parents to hold onto. Safely keep track
of active children without the negative connotations associated with a "leash"
or "harness."
Excellent for families with toddlers and small babies. Allows
you to tend to your baby while knowing where your toddler is.
A chance you
can't afford to take. Adventurous toddlers and public places just don't mix.
It's all too easy to lose hold of your child's hand in a crowd, or lose track of
him among racks of merchandise. That's why we recommend this tether."

I already know that women out there with perfect children (and those that aren't even parents yet still have opinions) are going to have something to say about my most recent purchase... especially considering a particular childless girl I know that said "If you have to have your kid on a leash you shouldn't be a parent." Well I think that simpleminded "ladies" that behave as though they are still on high school spring break shouldn't speak, but that's neither here nor there.
And they've never gone anywhere with the Bee. And they can kiss my ass.


TLC said...

i had something like this for emma when she was just learning to get around last spring/summer. that kid was QUICK...and i saw how well it worked when one of my friends used a backpack/tether with her toddler. emma's was a cute puppy dog backpack and she loved the thing. it's still in my car, somewhere.....

Quiet Oasis said...

I wish I'd gotten one of these. Because I've almost lost my kids a few times. Yep, easy to speak when you don't have kids.

I enjoyed your post immensely. Esp the Kiss my ass part. :) Lol.

Christina Thomas said...

Too cute! I saw a mom at the airport with one of these. I think this would be good for Aubrey when I take her to Cedar Point this year. You can't be too careful these days.

Sarah said...

You know...when my brother and I were about 3 & 4, (about 27 years ago) my mom took the two of us by herself to Phoenix.

She made us each wear backpacks through the airport and she tied a rope to each of our backpacks and the other end she held onto or something.

Per mom, she got oodles and oodles of rotten stares and even had one woman yell at her for child abuse.

(She's pissed now that she didn't market that stuff back then!)

I think things like this are great. I have no kids, but watching friends with kids I only feel these things are necessary. And it does not hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

I had twins and used something like this whenever we went somewhere that we couldn't use the stroller- absolutely nothing wrong with these items! Luckily, I never had anyone yell at me...but got some strange looks. Good for you to not care what others think! I can't stand people w/ opinions that can't seem to keep their mouth shut...Ugh!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

My BFF had one of these with her firstborn. It was a monkey and her daughter LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having it.

No one's judging you here.

Whatever works, WORKS.

Plus, I think it gives you the freedom of having your hands semi-free and Athena the freedom of walking on her own and exploring.

I like the pig one.

wrestling kitties said...

HAHA, I love it! When my sister was younger we had these plastic cord things that attached to the parent and the childs wrist. I don't think there is anything wrong with one of these, especially if it keeps your child from running off in a busy place. Seriously screw any self-righteous person who gives you a bad look.

But can I tell you what it reminds me of? That Mike Myers Super Hyper kid skit on SNL. HAHAHA

Iris Took said...

You are so funny.

Trophy Life said...

i think that these things are GREAT! i (not a mom) never even minded those FOR REAL leashes tied to hands....if it keeps your kids safe, for crying out loud get it!

SassyTimes said...

Who has a perfect child? Seriously! I think this is a cute idea and I'm SURE I'll need one shortly.

Do you have a link where these can be purchased?

t.w.i.t. said...

WK--"I'm a hyper hypo!"

(I hope to God that's a banana in the monkey's front pocket.)

I SO need to get one of these. You should just see me trying to carry the infant car seat AND wrangle a toddler.

Anyone who has anything negative to say about this can either:

A) spend a day with a VERY mobile toddler in a public place, or

B) suck it.

Adrianne P. said...

Athena is going to be stylin' in her's! Which one did you get her? She'll most likely love it! :D

Mickey D. said...

When we were younger, my family (aunts, uncles, parents, cousins) would all go to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. One year, my cousin (who was 4 or 5 at the time) got lost. It was mad panic for the hour we couldn't find her. Luckily a police officer found her and took her to the lost and found shelter.

That said, my aunt would have killed to have an item like this.

Use it proudly. At least it's cute and not electrocution wire wrapped around her.

Iris Took said...

PS I see a TON of these at work.