Friday, November 20, 2009

My favorite (and most unexpected) Twilight fan

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

"It was a big exciting night for 'Twilight' fans last night, as the film premiere in Los Angeles brought out the celebrities. Among the stars in attendance at the 'New Moon' premiere was 50 Cent. (Love it.)

An MTV reporter said to 50 Cent, "People say that Rob and Kristen are like rockstars, because of the reactions that they get and you know because you have actually played in front of crowds as big as this. How does this compare to what you see all the time?" 50 Cent explained, "It feels like rockstar energy to me. If anybody else is denying that, they probably have a little bit of jealousy going on or something. The energy is real.'"

[Source: MTV via TwilightSource]
I would love to have accompanied him. Next time, 50. Next time.


wrestling kitties said...

HAHA! that is awesome!

But what does going to see Twilight do for his street cred? I guess nothing if you are 50 cent.

AthenaBee said...

He can take 9 bullets. He can go see whatever he wants.

Iris Took said...

LOL! 50 cent likes Werewolves I guess.