Monday, December 21, 2009

Random thoughts - Possibly as deep as Jack Handy

So here's the thing. If you've ever wondered to yourself why my blog sucks, or why my posts are so spotty, it's because I only publish maybe 5% of the things I compose. I either need to shut down the blog and just get a Hello Kitty diary like a good emo kid, or start sharing the random thoughts.

I've chosen to share random thoughts in hope of getting some thoughts back from the brilliant, fab-o people that periodically check in on this thing.

Every day I lay down with Athena for nap time because I'm pregnant and exhausted, and because I can. As I'm laying there I have the most arbitrary thoughts. Who knows where they come from. They just appear.

So here's today's: What does a preschool teacher do when they want to play "The Name Game" and there's a "Chuck" in the class?

And because the more you know:

\DOH-luh-ruhs\ , adjective;
Marked by, causing, or expressing grief or sorrow.


Iris Took said...

Like a good EMO kid - too funny! Your blog hardly sucks!! We love it and you!

Dri said...

This post is awesome!!! I laughed out loud at the emo part.

Chuck, chuck, bo-buck, banana, nana, fo......

Written Permission said...

Your blog does NOT suck. I greatly enjoy it. And I just assume that, if your posts become spotty, it's because you're busy and have better things to do. Like nap. That should ALWAYS come before blogging!

I'm thinking a good preschool teacher would plan ahead and choose a different letter for the second round in the Name Game song. Like D. Duck is much less of a problem than...the alternative.

wrestling kitties said...

HAHA! Love the random thoughts! Keep them coming because I enjoy your thoughts :)

(Hope you and your family had a great Christmas!)

Anonymous said...

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look the freaky emo one

Anonymous said...

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