Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tell me, friends. Why should I accept the iPod into my life?

I've yet to accept the iPod into my life. I get sent the requests to play the iPod shuffle game and tell you what comes up on my player. I have one still sitting in its box that was purchased 6 months ago. I realize I'm in the minority, but I just can't seem to get on board. I like to buy ALBUMS, hold them in my hands, read the liner notes, and look at pictures. The most advanced I have gotten so far is the CD, and I'll tell you right now I was VERY late to get on THAT fad.
You know what I really prefer? LPs. NOTHING sounds like a record. The random scratches? The poor, grainy quality? I love it. The Stray Cats was the first record I ever got and oh how happy that rockabilly made me.
I fear that this means that I am becoming old; that it means that I'm not part of the young generation anymore. I mean, who the hell is Tokio Hotel and why does MySpace think I want to download their mp3? I'm going to be like that last idiot wearing their Members Only jacket clinging to their 8 tracks.

Am I missing out? Can I learn to love it? Is there something that I'm missing out on by NOT listening to the Jackson 5 on a little music player?


wrestling kitties said...

Oh my goodness, I feel like I wrote this post!!!

I totally agree with you. I do not own an ipod nor do I want one. In a moment of peer pressure I got a $20 mp3 player from Big Lots last year, but it just didn't feel right. I also enjoy CD's but refuse to download them....what is the point?! I like the physical CD in my hand.

As for records, I love them. The sound of a record is like nothing else. Especially when it comes to Christmas records, they are the best! We have 3 turn tables and 1 fabulous antique record player from my great uncle. Actually my hubby's dream is to one day own his own record shop.

I say NO you are not missing out at all. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the beauty that is vinyl and things that are classic. People are missing out with those silly ipod thingys ;)

(I am so happy there are people who enjoy this kind of stuff like us....and are not in their 80's!!)

AthenaBee said...

Yay! I thought I was alone with this! I would TOTALLY frequent his record store! Maybe just start hanging out there all the time like High Fidelity.

Sad Panda said...

I for one personally endorse your High Fidelity dreams.

I owned an iPod in high school (I blame peer pressure and the desire to be popular). It broke. I got a new one. Then a couple years later my parents bought me a Zune, Microsoft's attempt at an iPod. I actually like this better, except the software for the computer sucks majorly!

As someone who (1) cannot make up her mind, and (2) loves music as much as I do, I like the fact that all, or at least my favorite, songs are available to me at the touch of the thumb. Perhaps it is my generation's instant gratification mindset. Whatever the reason, I'll continue to have my Zune with me when I walk to class.

Sad Panda said...

Oh, and by the way, the only thing I know about Tokyo Hotel is that their lead singer is a guy who looks like a girl. PSA for the day!