Friday, February 5, 2010

BlogHer? I barely knew 'er!

I just became a member. I know, first NaBloPoMo now blogher? I'm not sure where all this full-force blogging desire is coming from, but whatever. I'll ride it out.

Anywho. Anyone else a member? Do you use it? Do you feel like you're networking? Are there any other blog communities you like?

Fill me in. I'm ready to join you.


TLC said...

I belong to blogher and am still trying to get the full potential out of it. Try out the MomBloggers Club too -- there's a link on my blog. It's another good community of mom bloggers.:)

the grumbles said...

I also belong to blogher but I don't do much with it, I need to figure out how to network with it better. Do they have a "friends" feature? (see, I don't even know). If so, we should all hook up.

Iris Took said...

Nice title!

wrestling kitties said...

I agree with Iris....LOVED the title!! HAHA

I have never heard of blogher, I will have to check it out.