Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sometimes I worry that Athena is going to wake up one day and think "How did I wind up with these yahoos?"

Given the fact that I'm winding up my 29th year and the 30th birthday is in sight, I'm prone to getting lost in thought about my ability to mature.... or should I say my INability to mature.

Am I going to wake up on July 23rd and FINALLY feel like I'm an adult? Will I stop CRACKING up when Athena farts or says "butt crack"?

As I am writing this Louis is encouraging Athena to continue painting her boobies. Seriously, I'm not kidding. He also holds her down so the dogs can lick her like crazy. I pinch her butt and kiss her until she palms me in the face.

Are we torturing the poor little lady?

Well, when she runs up, honks my boobs, and goes "Meep meep!" I realize she was made just for us.


the grumbles said...

i love it!

TLC said...

and, it's posts like this that make me happy you're blogging. :)

love the new design too!

AthenaBee said...

Athena comedy keeps me inspired :)

wrestling kitties said...

HAHA! Love it!

I personally think you should NOT mature when you hit 30, I am not planning to. I do not want to see the day when farts are not funny or the word boobies stop making me laugh or I stop watching cartoons instead of news or laugh when someone trips.