Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's talk some baby names, people.

Zofia ? Brocus

We had Athena Elizabeth's name picked out 4 years before she was even conceived, so there was never really any discussion. Athena was very, very planned.

Miss Zofia? Not so much.

Louis and his mom both REALLY wanted the name Sofia as it is a family name for them. I REALLY wanted Zoe. While researching the name Sofia, I found the Eastern European spelling of Zofia. Perfect. Louis gets his way plus I can call her Zoe and Zofi.

Awesome. Hard part over, right? Not quite. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a middle name that goes with Zofia, especially when you refuse to use any of the old generic middle name stand ins?

Here are the ones that have been discussed so far:
Zofia Nicola Brocus (Nicola is my grandfather.)
Zofia Eris Brocus
Zofia Alexandra Brocus

It's tough. The family is on it.


TLC said...

i really like Zofia Nicola -- it has a nice 'ring' to it :)

the grumbles said...

I like Nicola too, but Alexandra is pretty.

Jill Marie said...

I sent you my thoughts, but I really like Zofia Louise!

Quiet Oasis said...

I enjoy any middle name that has meaning to it. So I'm all for Nicola. We always name my kids middle names after people.

Sad Panda said...

Alexandria is actually what I would love to name my daughter someday, so I really love that name. However from an aesthetics point of view, I like Zofia Eris the best. It rolls off the tongue very well.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

My vote thus far is Nicola, but that's subject to change. I, like TLC, like the ring to it.

Eris is fun, too.

And, I love Alexandra. (That's Taryn's middle name and Chloe's. So timeless.)

Iris Took said...

Zofia Nadja? Is that too much?

What's your maiden name?

Sarah W said...

Nicola is pretty! My middle name is Nicole, so maybe I'm a little biased.

AthenaBee said...

Iris, Louis suggested Nadja. I said I liked Nadya better.

My maiden name is Stephanoff... kind of a Macedonian mouthful.

Iris Took said...

Zofia Stephanoff Brocus is a little tough - she would definitely be a roller derby girl.

AthenaBee said...

She would sound like a scary Russian Olympian or something.

Mickey D. said...

Ha! Roller derby girl! Oh, Iris.

I vote for Nicola.

Or perhaps your Mom's first name (whatever that may be) or her middle name, since it seems like y'all are really close.

I could talk about names all day long.

SassyTimes said...

I LOVE baby name talk. I think Nicola is pretty and I love that it has family meaning to you.

I also really like Eris. It rolls off the tongue easily.

Written Permission said...

Love both A and C, although B is interesting, too -- very original.

I like the idea of giving her your first name as a middle name, too. My parents did that with my brother and me. And either Nadja or Nadya would be lovely.

Either way, Zofia is beeyootiful.

wrestling kitties said...

LOVE the name Zofia!!! I think all are great, but Nicola is my favorite. And I love the whole A-Z idea...very cool!