Friday, February 19, 2010

Will you be watching?

(Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

I absolutely hate my interest, but I honestly can't help but be curious as to what he has to say.
"As we understand it, Tiger's therapy called for a week's break at this time
during which he has spent a few days with his children and then will make his
statement before returning," Finchem said in a letter Thursday. "Accordingly,
there was very little flexibility in the date for the announcement."
What do you want Tiger to say?
What do you think of this whole scandal?
Do we have any right to be so concerned about his personal biz?


TLC said...

Let's see...Um, no...I don't care what Tiger has to say. I don't think any of it is relevant to the game of golf. And, what really irked me this morning was the Good Morning America had Tiger as their lead "breaking news story" ... you know, instead of the crazy nutjob who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Texas, killing at least 1. Because, you know....Tiger IS more important. Gah.

OK...that was my rant. Sorry. :)

Jill Marie said...

Do not care what this man has to say about his "sex addiction". Do I think he is the most disgusting man??.... yes, but I do not care what he has to say for himself. I think his efforts should be towards his wife and children, not the general public.

AthenaBee said...

These people are going on and on about how he should accept questions. The only person he has to answer to is his wife.

He's a pro golfer, so he should talk about THAT aspect and give people an idea if he's coming back, but he should not have to answer sex questions and further humiliate Elin.

I'm glad he'll come back some day and I hope rehab helps. I can forgive and respect anyone that accepts responisibility, gets professional help, and works at it as a family.

(I almost missed everything because I was building clay animals with Athena.)

wrestling kitties said...

I was writing a blog about this. I personally do not care because it has nothing to do with him as a golfer. He made mistakes in his personal life, ok BIG mistakeS, but he is still an amazing golfer and I do not think any less in that respect. Be it an athlete, musician, politician, actor....when it comes to things like having an affair or sexual problems I don't think they are accountable to anyone other than themselves and their significant other. If it is something actually illegal, then it should be in the news.

You are right, he shouldn't have to answer questions. The media needs to stop.

Written Permission said...

Agree, agree, agree. He doesn't owe anyone an apology other than his wife. And family. All he should be saying to the general public is what's happening with his golf game. And once he tells us that, we should leave him alone. I still think he's nasty. But it's really none of my business.