Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real quick like, can I just tell you guys...

... that I have been crazy enjoying NaBloPoMo and actually doing it every day.

90% of that is the warm reception I've gotten and all your fun comments.

Thanks oh so very much blogger friends :)

Speaking of the term "blogger friend," if you are speaking to someone and want to make reference to one of the bloggers you frequently read, what do you call them? Do you say "my friend," "this blog I read," "my blogger friend," or am I the only one that talks about other bloggers in everyday conversation?

Just curious.


wrestling kitties said...

You are not the only one, I regularly talk about my friends in the blogger world...and hopefully it is only a tiny bit creepy.

At first I said my blogger friends, but if it is to family, T., my sister or others who read the blogs then I call you by your name or blogger name!

And I will admit this while we are at it. Sometimes I will watch something or see something and say "Oh Nadja would think that is funny" or "That reminds me of XXX." Ok, maybe a little creepy - but I am totally OK with a little creepy.

(I love the friendships we make/have made through blogging!)

the grumbles said...

i love that you are loving nablopomo! i loved it when i did in november, it made me realize i kinda wanted to take this blog thing seriously.

i usually just say, "my friend" unless it's to jon, then i do like wk and call everyone by name because he is familiar enough with everyone i read.

and wk, i also think of people in a weird way like that. like oh, so-and-so person i've never met would TOTALLY love this! i sometimes wonder if that makes me a stalker. but if we both do it maybe it's not so weird after all.

SassyTimes said...

If I don't know someone in real life, I say "my blogger friend". My husband gets so confused and thinks I'm weird. ;)

AthenaBee said...

Well rest assured, WK, since you've seen me in person that makes you totally not a weirdo.

Also, rest assured that if THREE of us do it, then we're definitely not stalkers.