Friday, February 12, 2010

Tell me. What should I read next.

Given the fact that most of my online friends are also Twilight fanatics, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've just been reading the series over and over again.

But I'm ready to read something new... well I'll work it in between Twilight books so I don't have to go cold turkey. I'm not a machine.

What have you guys loved recently? I DO NOT like Debbie Downers a la My Sister's Keeper. I don't like depression as a form of recreation. It also doesn't have to involve vampires as Edward is the only one for me I think.

I'm open.


Amber said...

I love everything by Cecilia Ahern - No Place Like Here, Thanks for the Memories, etc.

Check out for some reviews!

Quiet Oasis said...

I enjoy Nicholas Sparks, but sometimes I feel like "you read one, you've read them all". That said, I HIGHLY recommend "The Last Song" that is soon to be a movie. The book was very very good.

If you like mysteries, Harlen Coben books are good. (not too gory..) But after reading many of them, they do get to be "read one... read em all".

Written Permission said...

If you want light and fun, the Shopaholic books (or anything by Sophie Kinsella) are good. Stuff by Augusten Burroughs (e.g., Running with Scissors) are twisted but funny and good at the same time.

If you like memoirs/nonfiction, David Sedaris is great, and I just finished "Candyfreak," which is about one guy's obsession with candy and is quite funny.

A site I might recommend -- You can keep track of what you've read and see what your friends are reading. This is my direct link (I think, anyway):

AthenaBee said...

I've read EVERYthing by Sophie Kinsella, including the ones under her pen name :)

Thanks for the groovy sites guys!

Adrianne P. said...

I suggest "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks. The Gregory Maguire books are great too. Emily Giffin books are fantastic as well. I'm trying to patiently wait for her newest book to be released in May. :)

Sarah said...

Read EVERY SINGLE ONE of Jen Lancaster's book. I GUARANTEE she makes you laugh out loud, on nearly every page. There are 4 out right now - read them in order!

Bitter is the New Black
Bright LIghts Big Ass
Such a Pretty Fat
Pretty in Plain
-AND- coming this May!
My Fair Lazy - I CANNOT WAIT!

wrestling kitties said...

I only read cooking books and cooking magazines like Rachael Ray and the Food Network. I also pretty much ONLY read magazines so I fear I am no help.

Oh I am going to read the bible for the first time this year as I have never read that....Catholics don't usually READ the bible so this is new!!

AthenaBee said...

What do Catholics do with bibles if they don't read them? Let me in on the news!