Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is incredible! A survivor is pulled from the rubble nearly A MONTH after Haiti’s quake.

A month! What did they do for a MONTH?? I saw the headline in an email but I have to wait until it comes on the show to know about more I guess.

Second favorite headline:

Bow-chikka-bow-bow: SEXY MALE MAID SERVICE.
Your cleaning man arrives donned in a jockstrap.
(Wait wait...I got a tag line for the company: "We clean. So you can think dirty.") (Wait wait… how about: "Our vacuum cleaner hoses are like none other in the biz.")


Iris Took said...

I totally heard about the Jock strap cleaning service on Bob & Tom this morning. HAHA (uh gross, but HAHAHA).

AthenaBee said...

Why can I picture you running into one of these guys somewhere and having them request your digits?

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I could not BELIEVE that someone had been trapped under ruble for that long and LIVED. Amazing how strong the human spirit is, no?

Regarding that jockstrap thing Um. Ew. I'm trying TO AVOID seeing random men in jock straps, I'd never hire one to taunt me with one.