Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mommies, give me your opinions.

The time has come to start shopping for Zofia's arrival. Man, I'm so so so grateful that I don't have to buy any of the big stuff for her.

For some reason I'm having trouble making decisions on some of the smaller items.

Tell me, what are your favorites?


I can't use Avent because that's Athena's brand. Weening her from her nighttime bottle while Zofia is gleefully drinking away out of the same kind seems like more trouble than it's worth.

These are the ones I'm looking at:

Soothie: And then use the Soothie pacifier, again, a different brand from Athena's.

Dr. Brown's: I know people say all the parts can be a pain, but my dishwasher has baskets and a sanitizing function. Couldn't I just use that?

Adiri: I mean, come on. They LOOK like a boob. That should help get Zofia to go along with this, right? Plus, they look NOTHING like Athena's beloveds.

Any pacifiers you highly recommend?

Also, did anyone forgo the infant car seat for the convertible ones? Would I regret not being able to move her in the seat and ALWAYS having to take her out?


Jill Marie said...

The boob ones are hoooolarious!!! Never seen those in the store~! ha
Hey, you can totally have your care seat back. I will wash it and get it to you when she comes. Sam will be almost ready for a big one by then~! You def do not want to have to take out a sleeping infant when you go places...

the grumbles said...

We use all Dr. Browns and haven't had any problems. Yeah, there are more parts, but I'm happy with them.

We also never had an infant car seat. Jude went straight into his Britax at 8 lbs and will be able to stay in it until 65 lbs (forward facing). Since we use a sling everyplace I never once regretted not having one of those weirdo carriers to cart him around in. But I know I'm probably strange on that one- I'll admit I'm totally biased about it. CAR seats are for CARS; ARMS are for holding babies.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

1. I think the Adiri look cool. I'd try them.

2. We use Born free, as you know.

3. We got an infant seat because I was PARANOID about other drivers and needed something smaller. I live in Mexico. (When people get into accidents, they die.) That said, she currently HATES her infant seat and it painfully excited about her forward-facing Britax.

I HATED taking that seat in and out of the car. I RARELY did. That seat has been in the car for MONTHS. If she's asleep, I wake her up and carry her in.

Good luck

SassyTimes said...

1. Evelyn didn't get the memo that the 2nd child is supposed to be a little more easygoing...with that, she will NOT take a bottle OR a pacifier. Fun, right?! I read up on the Adiri and everyone said it's a ##$$% to clean (opens from the bottom?)...I found one at Target by First Years called Breastflow that is really cool and similar. So far, she's fooled into taking it sometimes. I really like it though.

2. Guess what? The kid also hates her infant carseat. Screams the entire time, so the minute the car stops, I take her out and wear her in a sling. If Sophia wasn't still in the convertible, I'd switch to that and forgo the infant seat...it's heavier and more difficult to carry than a baby in a sling... and to me, it's easier to control your toddler while wearing a newbie rather than toting a heavy seat around. But...if you have a sleeper, I could see it being easier to tote the seat around if they would stay asleep in it.

I hope little Miss Zofia is a laid-back lady! ;)

AthenaBee said...

Man, I never thought about what it'll be like wrangling a toddler AND an infant carrier... that sounds horrible.

I'm surprised the convertible seats aren't as expensive as I thought they'd be.

What to do, what to do?

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I REALLY wish I would have gotten a ring sling with Lila. REALLY. I got a regular, 'ole non-sizing sling and it's functional, just not the easiest.

If I have a baby #2 - I'll TOTALLY get a ring sling.

Biscuit said...

I used the MAM bottles which also look like a boob, my boy took water from it at 2 weeks and refused any other bottle, paci, or anything of the like from any other brand. I bet the Adiri bottles would work well! It's a huge trial and error process though, I think I just got lucky on the bottles.

Now we are locked in a fierce sippy cup standoff, a real battle of wills.