Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get Well Soon, Bret

Who didn't like at least one Poison song?
I know we all have had plenty of discussions about Rock of Love.

So join me in a big GET WELL SOON for Bret Michaels. No one rallies the skanks like you Bret. No one.

Here is MY favorite song:


Amber said...

I am getting some flack for this, but I am truly concerned about Bret Michaels. If my junior high/high school years had a soundtrack, Poison would be all over it.

Written Permission said...

Aw, I love the Bret! I totally had a huge, confused, androgynous crush on him in middle school, and I actually found him quite endearing (if also quite skanky) on Rock of Love. At least the man can laugh at himself.

Get well soon, Bret!

wrestling kitties said...

Agree! I loves me some Bret Michaels...pouty lips and all. I got scared this weekend because Vh1 had the Behind the Music of Bret Michaels on a few times. Had to go to the internet to make sure he was OK. Dont scare me Vh1...not cool.

Ky • said...

Have you seen that he's walking and talking?