Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zofia Nicola

I think almost everyone has seen the pictures of my little precious, but I like to show her off everywhere. It's my God-given right.

This birth was SO different from Athena's. I actually got to go into labor on my own! I woke up at 6am on June 14th with a HORRID stomach ache. I chilled on the couch for a while figuring it was indigestion from the MASSIVE amount of food I ate around midnight... then I noticed that the pain was coming in weird waves. I called my husband to tell him labor may be a possibility, and then called my sister in law to see what labor felt like. Jill and I concluded that I wasn't really in labor since I was still playing with Athena and doing housework, so I went about my business. My mom, on the other hand, did not agree with us and thought I should head to the hospital since the waves were coming every 5 minutes at that point. I did NOT want to go to the hospital only to get sent home, so we compromised and she took me to get checked by my OB. That's where I found out I was having contractions every 4 minutes and I was dilated to 5cm. Oops. I guess I was in labor. He told me to go immediately to the hospital and not to stop for a burger first. (He knows me!) I actually went home first so I could see Athena off to Yia Yia's myself since I wasn't going to see her for a couple days. Then it was off to the hospital.

Have you noticed who I haven't updated?

Louis. He was FREAKING OUT. He had himself convinced I was passed out from labor pain on the kitchen floor and Athena was kicking me trying to wake me up.

Oops. He needs to be invited to the hospital too.

So Louis, my mom, and I all head to the hospital where I'm moving right along and feeling fine. They were going to let me deliver her vaginally up until she started compressing her cord and OH MY GOD WHY IS HER HEART RATE ONLY 65??? GET HER OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to have another c-section. Ya know what? Oh well because here she is and that's all that matters!!


the grumbles said...

you look awfully hot in that photo for all the dramz that were going on.

she's beautiful, and i'm so psyched for you guys!

xoxoxo love love love

wrestling kitties said...

Again CONGRATS! I have seen pics on your FB of your little peanut and she is just adorable!! And the pics with her and Athena....come on - seriously, that is just WAY too cute!

Can't wait to read when you start noticing similarities/differences in their personalities between your two girls! (I always think that is interesting how siblings are alike and different in their personalities.)

And I totally agree with Grumbles, you are looking pretty darn hot for just having a baby!


Written Permission said...

Yes, what's up with the Glamour Shot post-delivery?! :) You look amazing.

As does your little darling girl. What a teeny, tiny muffin! So glad she's safe and you're back in the blogosphere.

Christina Thomas said...

Congrats again!! She is beautiful and I am glad everyone is healthy!!

AthenaBee said...

So I've tried to comment back on here and it wasn't posting. Whatever, blogger.

Anywho, thanks guys. :) We Stephanoff's are a vain bunch. We aim to look our best whether we're out on the town or just coming out of surgery. It's a full time job.

The teeny tiny muffin is growing like CRAZY and is getting quite chubby already. I love it.

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Nadja said...

I don't speak Klingon, Anonymous.

Wendy Womack said...

The Klingon language has more honor than that spam.