Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm 1 month and I have George Costanza hair

Seriously, I mean, I know babies lose their newborn hair but doesn't it usually happen in the back where they lay on it? I don't repeatedly rub her head so I just don't get the receding hairline.

Regardless of her 'do (and the stink eye she's giving me) I think she's super cute. I can't believe a month has gone by already. She's gotten SO much bigger and she's so much more alert. She'll sit on her play mat and look at the things Athena shows her, so Athena is totally loving the interaction.

She's a TOTALLY different baby than Athena was, and this was evident from birth on. Zofia came out quietly, sounds like a kitten when she cries, and will sleep for 3 1/2 hours at a time. Athena came out SCREAMING and didn't stop for like 4 months and never slept for longer than 2 hours until she was 6 months old. They appear to be similar in the clingyness department though. We's got cuddly kids.

I'm going to love watching these two grow together :)


Mickey D. said...

It's the summer of George! How appropriate that she would have his hair :)

She's adorable! Love the stink eye.

It sounds like things are going well over there, that's wonderful.

Ky • said...

Oh, I love her.

What a super-cute baby girl.

I'm so pleased I got to see her in her newborn newness.

SassyTimes said...

Awe, CONGRATS! She's adorable!

This post made me laugh because we always tell E she has Jerry Seinfeld hair.

Iris Took said...

George Costanza stink eye! Love it. She's a keeper.

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Anonymous said...

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