Thursday, October 14, 2010

1/3 of a Year

Zofia is 4 months old. What?? I know. I'm stunned too. It's so cliche but she is growing fast. SUPER fast. She's so fun, happy, chatty, and sweet. We're all in love.
She's getting super coordinated. Here she's playing with Pie
shaking him and getting him to her mouth. Delicious.

She thinks dogs are rad. ODB thinks she's pretty rad too.

She loves her Sissy! And I mean LOVES her.
As I type this they're laying together on the couch cuddling, smiling and holding hands.

She'll finally ride in a stroller without screaming! Yay!
I'm enjoying her SO much. I'm a lot more relaxed this time around plus Louis has been home with us keeping my OCD/stress/anxiety under control. He deserves a medal. Seriously. He's a keeper. I also suggest everyone have a couple lovely ladies in their lives. :)


the grumbles said...

love it. i'm so happy to see you happy, and i love every single picture of the Z.

AthenaBee said...

Louis will be so happy to see someone calling her Z. He wants the nickname to stick. I call her Lubbees and he thinks it sounds ridiculous.