Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What have I been doing for these last couple months with no computer?

I've been spending time with these lovely ladies of course!


Let me tell you, having two ladies has been wonderful. I'm almost embarrassed by how scared I was to have a second baby. This. This is what I'm here for. I don't have a super important career. I'm not a super important member of society. I'm just super important to two young ladies.
And they have captured me completely.
Louis and I have been spending every single day with our girls. We've been going to parks, the zoo, the pumpkin patch, and just being at home together as a foursome. I rock my sweet Zofia to sleep every night. Tell me I'm spoiling her. I don't care. Someday I'll miss this time. I'll miss her softly nursing to sleep, one hand clutching my shirt and the other wrapped around my side. And someday I'll miss being the single most important person in Athena's world. I'll miss her drifting off to sleep with her little arms wrapped tightly around my neck.
That's it. I am enamored. My only purpose is to love these ladies more than anyone has ever loved in the history of the world.


Ky • said...

Lila and I were just reading your blog and we're thrilled your back.

AND, she really, really, REALLY wants to tickle Zofia. Badly.

Jill Marie said...

YAY ! My Seester is back! AND I can comment on your blog because you don't have word verfication!


wrestling kitties said...

This post was SO sweet and gave me the chills. I am SO happy you have found your "place" and it is with these two beautiful girls!

And can I also say that I am THRILLED you have your computer back so you can blog again!! YAY!

P.S. Do you think Zofia looks more like you?!

Ky • said...

(I think Zofia looks more like you.)

Iris Took said...

LOVE THE PICS! The Bee looks so grown up! WOW!