Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finding the Happy

Finding the Happy

I just stumbled upon a WONDERFUL project called "Finding the Happy" over at Mr. & Mrs. Wright, and I think it sounds like a lovely idea. There couldn't be a better time for it.

I will post my Happy picture every Monday along with a link to the original Finding the Happy, so you can head on over and check out all the rest of the happiness being spread around.

Wanna participate? Just take a picture (has to be a picture you took) of something that makes you happy along with a caption as to why it makes you happy, plus a link on the blog to share. (Share it with me as well, will ya?) Your happiness can be anything: babies, lipgloss, doggies, coffee, etc. So grab your camera and join in the happiest little project this side of the Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

AthenaBee said...

I don't know what that means!!

wrestling kitties said...

I want to do this! I think this is SUCH a great idea. It is sooooo easy to forget those little things that make us happy. I am doing this!

P.S. You back to blogging makes me happy :)