Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'll do it for them.

I won't preach. I won't get up on a soapbox. I understand that people are leery of vaccinations. I am on a delayed schedule with my ladies. BUT I think that not vaccinating your child (or yourself) at all is even more dangerous. Without vaccinations you have widespread death and disease like they do in Africa. With vaccines we've been able to just about wipe diseases like polio and smallpox off the map. So when I read something like Another Infant in California Dies of Whooping Cough, it worries me. And it should worry you as well. And it's not just in California. It's in Ohio as well.

So Louis, Athena, my mom, and I will all be getting boosters, and Zofia will be getting her shots on schedule. I feel it's the least I can do for my kids and also my nephew with breathing problems.

I don't expect anyone to get vaccinations for their kids or themselves just because some mommy-blogger tells them to. However, I DO expect everyone to read and research everything they can and talk to their doctors.

Be healthy loved ones :)


Jill Marie said...

Thank you for keeping my Evie in mind ;) I am about a month behind for Samuel... so I will get to it!

Ky • said...

I just did crazy-research on this about 4 weeks ago. Lila's pediatrician told me that there were a few cases of whopping cough (pertussis) down here on the Baja. I immediately told my gyno/OB and will be getting the vaccine for myself and Craig. I've also made certain that my Mom gets it before she comes to visit me and Nutella AND for when she's with Taryn and her new baby.

You don't mess with pertussis.

You get the vaccine.

(Lila's on a delayed vaccination schedule, as well - however, that's mostly because we live in Mexico and we're in charge of remembering when she needs to go to the doctor.)

I need to tell Jenna to get it...