Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alcohol is allegedly the most dangerous

Of all the recreational drugs, accoring to this study, alcohol is the most harmful.

- Alcohol is the most harmful overall, according to panelists
- A co-author of the study has said horseback riding is more dangerous than ecstasy

What say you?


Wendy said...

Let's just say, I'm sad that CA didn't legalize pot. ;)

Iris Took said...

I'm with Wendy -and I canceled my trip to San Diego.

Ky • said...

I truly, for once, have absolutely no opinion on this.

What's worse? Tanning or eating trans fats? What's better, riding horses or playing football?

Blah, blah, blah.

Call me a cynic today.

Nadja said...

I think they're being misleading. Something like that could give a kid a false sense of security when offered a very harmful drug.

wrestling kitties said...

They are misleading.

You can't even compare them as one is legal and the others aren't. Of course alcohol is harmful and has probably caused more personal injury to oneself or others but that is because it is available to anyone at the store, unlike crack or heroin. If you could get your crack pipe refilled at the carryout....then it would be hands down crack/heroin!

It is like comparing apples to highly toxic, hard to find and illegal oranges!! Not the same.

This is a stretch....a big stretch. And I think it misleads people to think those other drugs are not that dangerous.

This is why everyone should just use POT! Come on. Sprinkle it in food or use it in a vaporizer. Worst thing you will do is eat everything in your house, get a good night sleep, and wake up with bad heartburn. geesh.

Nadja said...

I had an old lady tell me (in a VERY thick German accent) that after smoking a "big doobie I ate zee whole damn chicken!!"

wrestling kitties said...


I am going to say that ALL NIGHT!!

"I ate zee whole damn chicken."

AWESOME! I am still laughing

Written Permission said...

Yeah, and driving in a car is STATISTICALLY more dangerous than flying, but chances are far greater that you'll survive a car crash. Definitely misleading.

It's also debatable which is more harmful to your vaginal health. :)