Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chistmas Poll

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Jill Marie said...

Christmas has become too much of a show, don't you think? IT's about who got what for who, or how much someone had to spend. I truely feel that if someone took the time to make me something that really ment something to me or you could tell they really thought about me in their creation, I would think that it was just the greatest! I try every year to tailor all my gift to the individual, so that it is not just a gift.... it's a gift with love!

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

As long as the gift is tailored to the person then a handmade gift is fine. Some people do not like nor do they appreciate a handmade gift. Those people I buy for instead of wasting my time and talent.

Written Permission said...

I am ALL about the handmade gifts. They tend to be so much more meaningful, and let's face it: Who has the money these days to drop $100 on each member of your extended family?

Last year, I typed up all the poems my grandfather wrote over the last 50 years and bound them for him. It took me about a month, cost me 100 sheets of paper and made him cry.

Iris Took said...

TOTALLY depends on who made them - is that grinchy?

Wendy said...

I voted! I am a HUGE FAN of making Christmas gifts, and gifts for people in general. I find great joy out of giving something handmade.

That being said, I have been BURNED badly by handmade Christmas gifts. This one year I painstakingly (I can't spell that word) made handmade gifts for my sister-in-law, niece, and mother-in-law. They all flopped. And let me tell you, I don't make crappy gifts. They were nice things. But they didn't appreciate them. Tossed them aside, meh. I had put a lot of time into them! They haven't gotten a handmade thing from me since.

Handmade gifts are great for people that appreciate the handmade. In my opinion.

Ky • said...

Bottom line: I *adore* handmade Christmas gifts. Love them.

wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE making and receiving handmade gifts!

Last year (I think it was last year)I crocheted scarves for all the women of my family. It was a HUGE hit! My thought is why do gifts have to be SO elaborate and expensive. It isn't about that anyways. I could see how handmade gifts may not be for everyone, but I think if there is alot of thought put into it then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Apple said...

I plan on baking all my Christmas presents this year!!