Friday, November 5, 2010

Owning my beauty

I have been reading the posts on the BlogHer "Own Your Beauty" wall and, like it's intended, got me thinking about my own "beautiful moment."

After I had Athena I wasn't expecting to leave the hospital looking like I was still a good 7 months pregnant. I was in so much pain, struggling with breastfeeding, and hating my body. Mix that with postpartum emotions and you've got yourself a hot mess.

I was sitting in bed across from my husband, using my breast pump, and praying to God THAT MILK WOULD JUST COME OUT!!! I looked down at my pump, my stretch-marked boobs, and swollen stomach and started to bawl. I began blubbering things like "Please don't look at me!" and "How can you stand to see me like this?!"

My husband's eyes filled with tears and he said "Never have you looked more beautiful to me than you do right now. You just had my baby and now you're going to feed her yourself."

That right there was my moment.

Here I am in all my beautiful glory:

As photographed by my 3 year old, I'm stuffing my face and using my breast pump in my baby-stuff-jammed house.

And I look great.


Biscuit said...

oh well dear john, that just made me cry. you are a beautimus lady, your hubs is a smart cat.

shew, too early for this.

the grumbles said...

i needed this today, mama is a tired old cow.

Sarah said...

I love this. (I got teary too)

wrestling kitties said...

That was the absolute sweetest thing a husband could say...good man.

Um, I think you look like one HOT mama!!

I think it is AMAZING that life can be created in a woman's body and it is so beautiful and women are beautiful during and after....even if things are swollen and not exactly as they were before! :)

Good post!!

Written Permission said...

First, that hubs of yours is absolutely a keeper. That totally made me cry, too.

Second, you are absolutely stunning, face-stuffing or no! Clearly Athena agrees, since she captured the moment on film. :)

Great post.

Wendy said...

I love this! I think we all could use some more self-loving up in here. I need to follow suit, for sure!

Nadja said...

Thanks guys :)

There's some really neat stuff written on that BlogHer wall.