Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've never had a favorite joke.

While I have quite the sense of humor, regular old jokes never really get me. I love stand up comedy and funny stories, but the one liners with the dopey punch lines generally just make me groan.

This is no longer the case.

Every week I read Little Big's "Follow Friday" posts. (It's an abundance of fabulous tweets from various Twitter users.) One of them included this tweet:

AKbirder The bartender asks “what’s that steering wheel doing in your pants?” The pirate answers, “Aaaarg, it’s driving me nuts”.

I keep thinking about it throughout the day and randomly laughing. It's my new favorite joke.


B. said...

This one make me laugh too but partially because I had a friend who tried to tell it but changed the punch line to "Aaaarg, it's steering my balls!" She didn't get why that one didn't work right.

Nadja said...

Even the wrong punchline makes me laugh!!

Ky • said...

Um, I believe I heard a similar one from Iris Took.

Crazy man walks into a psychiatrist's office wrapped in nothing but saran wrap.

What does the psychiatrist say to the crazy guy?

"I can clearly see you're nuts."

Wait a minute, maybe Brad told us that one...


My favorite joke?

Two pretzels were walking down the street... one was a salted.

(THAT, my sister/friend, is the only joke I can remember the punchline to.)

thelittlebig said...

I had a class in the library at the time I was putting this post together, and I very unconvincingly turned a laugh into a cough and made a very strange face. Love it.

Alternate Ending:

"Arrrrgh! I have WHEEL BALLS!"

Ellius said...

My dad loves this joke. Either because he finds this genuinely funny, or he likes making his daughters feel awkward while talking about his manly bits :S

Amber said...

This is one of my favorite jokes of all time! Partially because, like B. said, our friend always told it wrong. You'd get to the punchline and she'd just blow it!

wrestling kitties said...

Terry was the first to tell me this joke and I laugh EVERY time. I actually laugh every time I say something is driving me nuts. I will tell T., if he is infact driving me crazy, in a pirate voice..."You are driv'n me nuts boy"!

I think he no longer finds it funny and wishes he never told it to me :)